Trollbridge 36 for Lithium Batteries

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• Fully automatic, no switches or connectors to change

• Compatible with THREE or FOUR battery systems.

• In a 3 battery system, the bottom battery can be used as a house and/or starting battery

• Built in Combiner100, no extra items to purchase

• A single output 12 volt charger will charge all batteries

• Can be conveniently located with the batteries

• Rated for 12 volt alternators up to 100 amps

• Rated for 36 volt trolling motors up to 85 amps

• LED indicates when the trolling batteries are charging

• Connection provided for optional remote LED

• Nearly UNLIMITED warranty

• Charging is done at 12 volts so your motor never sees charging voltages

• 100% efficient when trolling for longer run times

• 97% efficient when charging - faster charge - no wasted power - no heating

• Waterproof - rated IP68 Protected from long term immersion

• Ignition rated for explosive atmospheres

• No voltage drop so batteries reach full charge

• No voltage drop so motor gets full power

• No wasted power, no heat sink or cooling fan required

• No modification to alternator or 12 volt engine wiring

• Simple 6 wire connection to three batteries and a charging input line

• Comes with all cables for basic hookup

• Uses no current when not charging - no on/off switch needed

• Uses only 1/2 amp when charging

• No diodes to burn out if accidentally shorted

• Withstands ambient temperature to over 175 F (80 C) for engine compartment mounting

• Remote radio link push button to enable running both motors at the same time

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