By Andina Foster,


If you have ever been cruising, even with a water maker on board, you know how precious fresh water can be. On Yandina, with four heads, the run from the hot water heater to the aft head is about 60 feet of 3/4" pipe. By the time you run hot water back there for a shower, you have wasted over 3 gallons of water. This is proportional on smaller boats but still an unnecessary waste.

We installed a 12 volt solenoid at the far end of the hot water line and plumbed the outlet from this to a hose which returned to the water storage tank. Push button stations were installed at each place where hot water would be needed. Now you can dump the cold water back into your tank and use the hot water with a clear conscience. We got rather fancy with a relay and holding circuit which was broken by a thermostat monitoring the dump water so the whole process was automatic. Actually, a simple on/off switch at each station is all that is really necessary as it is unlikely you will forget and leave it on.

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